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A musician, performance artist, educator, and amateur plant enthusiast who loves a good pun

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I am a writing, performing, and teaching musician based in Round Rock, Texas with a passion for introducing music to learners of all ages. I've been a proud Austin musician for 14 years and a Texan since 4!

After years of childhood spent relentlessly drumming with spoons on pots and pans, my parents broke down and gave me a drum set at 10 years old, and I dug in to music head first!

Throughout my teenage and college years, I pursued my relationship with percussion, sharpening my skills and experience by participating in state-wide drum competitions and summer music camps at University of North Texas. From the time I was involved in these music programs, I knew I not only loved to perform -- I knew loved to teach as well. I’ve always felt naturally drawn to encouraging, coaching, and mentoring other musicians. I'm honored to have made a career out of sharing my love of music with students!

My over 20 years of experience has not only been spent developing expertise in percussion, guitar and ukulele performance, but also excellence in reading music, composition, digital audio production, and sound engineering. Years of learning under top-notch professors and mentors, an Associates of Arts in Music Composition, a Bachelor's degree in Percussion Performance, and first-hand experience teaching students of all ages have all coalesced in my ability to guide others through the process of learning these skills.


When I'm not performing live on drum set or teaching lessons, I'm performing Mystic Drumz--a captivating international children's percussion show built for schools, daycares, libraries, parties and more.
Both my performances and my lessons are crafted with love for music and cultivated with my innovative and experimental flair. Whether you are in need of a highly experienced studio or live musician, a drum set, percussion, guitar, ukulele or songwriting instructor, look no further. I'm so excited to meet you!

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