Intro to music classes online are a fun solution for these socially distant times. Yes, we are all getting more screen time than we would like, but Intro to Music literally shakes things up with movement, interactive puzzles, and tactile learning. Get your child excited about music with these classes today!

What you need to start:

  • Stable internet connection

  • Tablet, laptop, or desktop computer

  • Any music instruments you want your child to explore in the following categories:

  • Percussion (Shakers, tambourine, drums of any kind, etc)

  • And/Or

  • Keyboard (Piano, electronic keyboard, xylophone, marimba, etc). If not sure what to purchase, get in contact for recommendations!

  • Don't have the budget for some instruments at first? We can improvise with instruments in the house: soda cans with water make "steel pans", a bottle with rice makes a shaker, buckets become drums, etc!

More info on the program below.

xylophone for kids


My goal is to set the stage (pun intended!) for a lifetime of loving and exploring music.

My introduction to music classes establish a positive relationship between your child and music by encouraging them to explore their instrument as a tool for self-expression and imagination. By inviting children to reach inside themselves and explore their relationship with sound, children can tap into tunes and notes dancing and flowing in their minds through experimentation and creativity. 

I make learning an instrument fun and exciting! My approach involves a myriad of experimental activities, such as creating beats with cups, building narrative structures and characters around keys on the piano, transforming instruments into friends, and rhythms into complex stories. 

Parents are invited (and even encouraged!) to participate in their child’s creativity by adding another joyful sound to cheering them on as they experiment with music. When I introduce young children to music, I lead them into a world of infinite tunes, jolting beats, and joyful melodies that leaves them feeling inspired and eager to learn more.